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Mainspring is the third novel from writer Jay Lake. It is a clockpunk science fiction novel. This novel is followed by the sequel Escapement and the All in all, Mainspring has a marvellous and highly original world, and the Jay Lake is the winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Mainspring is a grand and glorious adventure, an epic journey of imagination the likes of which I haven’t often seen. Campbell winner Jay Lake takes the.

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One of the perils of indie press is that the quirks of indie distribution can keep a good book down. Retrieved from ” https: The Unfrozen North — Nothing to see here, citizen.

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Good story about a boy eho get a call from the angel Gabriel that he must save the world, on his way he meet some strange persons and I got a great insight how navigate with an airship and some mecanical information there as well.

Suffer the little children, indeed. But, after the Principiathe rules of the natural world were simple, clear, universal, irrefutable.

Hethor asserts his will upon the clockwork universe, at one point producing a field of grass and flowers in the midst of an arctic waste. I’d call the book perfect were it not for Lake’s regrettable tendency to activate the cheat codes whenever the going gets a little rough. But not like this.



That whole not bearing false witness thing in the Bible? Larklight Trilogy Philip Reeve 9.

Anything that helps drub the modern conservative movement into its inevitable political irrelevancy all the more quickly can only be of powerful benefit to the entire nation, red and blue states alike. The story in Mainspring has a nice steady pace, with just enough action to keep you happily reading.

Mainspring |

That wall divides the Earth in half how could it not? I love cool ideas. The plot concerns a clockmaker’s apprentice, Hethor, who receives an angelic visitation, and is bidden to find a way to re-wind the earth’s failing Mainspring, lest the planet stop in its tracks quite literally. Then it spirals into what I can only describe as the ninth circle of hell.

However, there is a way to have a higher power involved in the working out of the main action in a way which leaves the reader in suspense.

SF : Mainspring / Jay Lake ★★★½

A new subgenre of a subgenre is not needed here. Some of the problems could be that this work pake Lake’s transition from short stories to novel length work, so it reads very much like a first novel, despite Lake’s established name. Are we back here again? Also, the central philosophical question of the novel has a pasted on feeling.

Dozens of same-sex couples wed in Hawaii as new law takes effect — Another bigotry domino fallen. Then he employs it in the service of a breathlessly exciting tale that takes the best old-school storytelling and the most vivid contemporary world-building sensibilities and spot-welds them together. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Most of it happens to Hethor rather than him propelling the action, and the prose is clear rather than wonderful, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.


I don’t care if the Mainspring is rewound. Actually, I went down to the library and sat in a big comfy chair. The lesson to me is that I need to understand why some people saw it that way, and do better in the future. At the time I was very focused on short fiction and wasn’t actively seeking representation for a novel. It seems that the world will end very soon, and Gabriel sets Hethor on a journey to make things right.

We never get any sense that Hethor is changing, that the skills and courage that he displays in facing his challenges stem from anything other than authorial laziness.

It is more than Hethor’s story, it is the story of the Brass Christ, and the mysterious sorcerer or not Wi I have just finished rereading this book for the first time. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Lake’s writing is poor as well. But one cheat I had the most problem with involves Hathor’s gaining what appear to be powers of pure magic, through his affinity with the earth and his ability to sense the inner workings of all things.