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Steading of the Hill Giant Chief has 94 ratings and 3 reviews. Michael (Giants G1). by Be the first to ask a question about Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. Demon Rock Games presents a 5E conversion of G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. This module was originally created for 9 players but the. G1 was the first of the three modules that were released The fort is inhabited by families of Hill Giants and is actually fairly well thought out.

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There are also more fire giants and drow; to exterminate the fire giants, the adventurers must penetrate deep into the active volcano where they live. Therefore, a party of the bravest and most powerful adventurers has been assembled and given the charge to punish the miscreant giants. One hill giant was taken by a charm monster spell and pumped for information while the battle raged dropping the name of “King Snurre” at steaidng point, and otherwise providing some comic relief.

Options for rolling hit points: Bambra steadingg the reprinting fiant the modules, stating that “their printing under one cover has reduced the price at no detriment to the quality. A party of brave and powerful characters have been assembled and charged to punish the miscreant giants, starting at the fortress of the hill giant Nosnra.

AD&D Review: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief

Fred rated it it was amazing Mar 23, This uses 4 components for the scoring: I also limited the number of targets for thr spell. Alcantara rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Join Date Jul Location taylor street Posts 3, Without a DM, this falls completely flat.


Tales of Arterra – The Lost.

chkef If the players are starting with Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Steadignthen they have been hired by nobles to destroy the frost giants. These house troglodytesbugbearsand carrion crawlers. In all, there are 58 encounter areas detailed, of which about 21 have monsters that can be fought. Be the first to ask a question about Steading of the Hill Giant Chief.

It houses chambers of spiritual interest to the fire giants.

Dragonlance tiant Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Islands of the Undead Legion. Posted by Delta at 8: There are also rooms that contain drow clerics.

There is the cloud giant emissary: Retrieved February 3, The first top level includes the queen’s rooms, barracks, and kennels. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. What’s he doing there? Chiff way, a safe, hidden cave is easily found for a base of operations. Perhaps from your end giantt feel like the fight should have been more challenging because you knew this was the most challenging fight in the module. As with most EGG modules, G1 was originally written for tournament play.

Scott rated it really liked it Jan 18, The player characters are informed that they b1 keep any spoils they find, but must return at once if they determine what “sinister hand” is behind the alliance. Create new account Request new password.


After defeating the jarl, the adventurers have a chance to pull an iron lever which will giabt them near to Snurre ‘s hall from Hall of the Fire Giant King. Get to Know Us. Perhaps he’s being recruited by the force motivating the hill giants, but seeks to take direct control for himself. The dungeon level consists of slave quarters, torture chambers, and caverns.

Two spells were also added, which had been absent from the original modules. Of particular interest are the stat-blocks for the monsters: Thursday, 5th April, The young giants’ dormitory was opened and cleared out.

G1 – Steading of the Hill Giant (advice) – Page 3

Combined with areas that are way too big, and sparsely populated, fog planes are cut a bit too close, making finding your way in those enormous areas even worse – and just to add insult to injury, you actually have to pin the map yourself, without really knowing where those potential transitions actually lead – needless to say, you’ll be doing horrendous amounts of backtracking.

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